Executive team

Mark Glikson

Partner, Product & Engineering

Entrepreneur, Investor and a former Microsoft General Manager. Mark brings 25 years of experience building and bringing to market new tech centered businesses leveraging his strong skills and experience in product development and go-to-market strategy and execution.

Dmitry Yatsenko

Partner, Strategy & Business growth

Entrepreneur and former top-tier senior legal consultant and strategy specialist with 10 years of diverse international experience in founding and consulting fin-tech, retail, media and other start-ups as well as advising Fortune 50 companies and private equity funds on legal and strategy matters.

Venture building stages

Building a successful business venture from an Idea is a daunting experience. Without the right support or guidance, founders spend too much of their time outside their core skillset, taking them away from their primary goal of realizing their Idea. At Genascent we see building your business being like climbing a mountain and we are here to assist you on your ascent. When Venture Building with us we will go through the following ascent stages:

  • Product Concept: Product Definition, Business Narrative and Financial Model
  • Proof of Concept: Market Fit and First Transactions
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Release and Iteration
  • Corporate Launch: V1 Formal Launch and Go To Market
  • Scale Out: Releasing the final product, company is ready to onboard customers and scale.

We are looking for


Founders, first time entrepreneur, experienced business owners or corporate leaders seeking to solve a key business or consumer challenge.


Solutions that become the ‘destination of choice’ for ecosystems to solve key challenges or realize new opportunity.


  • Fintech business developing a platform that enables homebuyers to crowdfund the balance of their mortgage deposits from investors using a blockchain based community bond issuing service.
  • Events sponsorship business developing a platform enabling large and boutique brands to connect and deeply engage audiences within the mass participation events.
  • Recruitment business developing a platform that enables niche industries to seek and hire specialist resources whilst building strong communities amongst those resources.
  • Film and Content Distribution business developing a platform so niche media has broader distribution and the consumer has access to a trove of niche and alternative content.


  • Product Concept

    Our Tech and Business teams assist in finalizing the business concept to make sure we have directional clarity on proposition, product/service design, business model, management structure, financial model, schedule, internal and external project financing and go to market model at the beginning of our journey.

  • Proof of Concept

    We conduct product & market testing to make sure we build the right MVP. The processes at this step include market research, focus groups and data analysis. Business and supporting operational architectures are designed to both enable the delivery of a market Proof of Concept but also set a base for the MVP.

  • MVP release and adjustment

    At this step all our joint efforts go live for the first time. We design, implement and ‘ship’ the MVP release and a bootstrapped operational business executes. We continue to test the product, collect and analyze data and adjust the MVP according to the new insights.

  • Corporate Launch (done simultaneously with the previous stage)

    We finalize branding, sort out legal, accounting and other requirements and create a more formal management structure.

  • Final product

    Having gained early traction and whilst that traction is gaining momentum we are learning how the market reacts to the proposition and offer introducing changes based on those learnings and any additional functionality required to onboard clients and scale as a mainstream business.


Learn about our operational model

  • Who we are:

    We are your junior partner and a team of top-level tech developers and business managers. If we are working together, this means we believe in the concept and the team/organisation behind it.

  • What we do

    We make sure that your company is in the best position to deliver a product/business that fits the market. We are not a service provider. We operate at cost leveraging a network of specialized delivery partners. We are part of your team and our returns are connected with business revenue and a successful exit within 3-5 years from our first involvement.

  • When partnering with us
    • We reduce early stage risks by providing the ‘broader’ team that every early stage business need but seldom can afford or logistically manage.

    • Unlike VCs, we work with Startups, Existing Businesses or New Ventures that are an offshoot of Existing Businesses. For Startups, we actively support your choice to continue to work part/full time at your present job until the business gains significant meaningful traction.

    • You gain a junior partner by your side with top-level tech and business expertise who’s returns are completely aligned with yours.

    • As we provide capabilities to a number of projects in parallel, it is possible to develop a more cost and time effective approach for realizing an idea into a successful market solution.



At Genascent, we are proud to join you to help realize your business idea into an operating business. Below is a short questionnaire that we ask you fill out, so we can better understand your idea/situation. This will help us find the best way to help you succeed!

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